How to be less anxious

The first advice to be less anxious is not to underestimate the anxiety, a disorder that can accompany our day to day and steal energy without paying due attention. The pace of life, family responsibilities, work … we live with stress and emotional stress, coming to consider it even normal, when it is not at all because anxiety takes a physical and emotional level. One of the worst things that can happen is to eat for anxiety, the people that have for a long time tend to be people who are already well above their weight, if that is your case you can step number 1, stop doing it , step number 2, try to recover your weight before 3, sometimes it is not so easy then you have to resort to A Slimmer Me Tijuana Mexico.

Learning to live with anxiety is not the solution, but learning to put into practice a few simple and valuable tips to overcome fears and transform anxiety into a strength. Otherwise, anxiety may be accompanied by lack of confidence, loss of control in unexpected situations, accumulated tension, mood swings, irritability, sadness and even panic attacks. If you feel anxious the solution is not to eat, smoke or drink excessively. Coffee, the abuse of alcoholic beverages and tobacco increase the tendency to be anxious. How to avoid it? How to be less anxious?

What do we feel when we have anxiety?
Anxiety produces an excitation of the nervous system, giving rise to a series of symptoms such as:

Stress in the back, neck and shoulders
Breathing difficulties, hot flushes
Cloudy vision
Tachycardia, feeling of tightness in the chest
Tingling in the hands
Sensation of knot in the stomach
Numbness of legs
What to do?
Remember that ignoring anxiety will only cause it to accumulate.

Identify situations
It is convenient to begin by recognizing the situations or circumstances that provoke anxiety and tension and face them. Make a list of those situations that you would like to modify, and start with the simplest ones to progress little by little with the following ones.

Dedicate 20 minutes a day

The training begins with oneself, that is, by dedicating ourselves every day, at least, 20 minutes to make it really makes us feel good and relaxes us. It can be a sports activity, reading a book, listening to music or having a coffee with friends. And the lack of time should not be an excuse, because remember that to love and care for others first you have to love yourself.

Prioritize the tasks of each day

Trying to do everything at once will only increase the anxiety. It is convenient to stop a few minutes and decide what things must necessarily be done and which ones can be postponed.

Maintain an active social life
In fact, one of the premises to avoid anxiety is not to isolate oneself. When anxiety becomes a companion of day to day we tend to move away from those situations that involve socialization. This is a mistake, because dealing with others, speaking and being heard, sharing moments and making new friends helps to increase self-esteem and develop a more positive attitude.

Replace concerns
What real odds are there that it happens that worries you so much? In most occasions you will be surprised. Try to replace worries and negative thoughts with more rational ideas. If the worry does not move away, apply the trick of looking at what is happening around you. You can also distract yourself by taking a walk or focusing on a crossword puzzle.

Practice mindfulness
One of the relaxation tools that will allow you to learn to channel emotions and avoid anxiety. In the same way, yoga is also an exceptional ally to release tension.