SEO and Small Business: A Necessary Relationship

Small business in the 21st century cannot survive without an internet presence. Tens of millions of people start the shopping process online, and if most consumers cannot find your business on Google they will not shop at that business. But gaining traction on search engines can be a daunting process. It can be hard to distinguish your company from the hundreds or thousands of other companies around the world who sell a similar product or service, especially if a company is relatively new. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help push consumers away from those competitors and towards your company.

SEO is an approach where companies try to figure out how to reach a high area of Google search results surrounding their products or services. The first organic page of those search results is the overall goal. According to KatRank, over 90% of all Google searches do not make it to the second page. Therefore, SEO attempts to bring users as close as possible to that first page by shifting the marketing formula of the company to fit the search engine. The company may reduce barriers in its website to better allow for Google’s web crawler to analyze it. A company may also fill its marketing posts with a certain mix of keywords that will help them show up in more searches. More searches means greater visibility and a better change of appearing on that first Google page.

SEO can be helpful for nearly any type of business, large or small. These techniques can help bring a company’s products to an audience of millions. SEO is also much less costly than other forms of advertising and can be scaled easily for multiple advertising campaigns. When it comes to internet visibility and racking up sales in an internet-driven world, SEO is much more of a requirement than an option.